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Developments experienced in concrete design in the recent years have risen concrete to another level with brand-new mechanical properties. Through such developments experienced in concrete, we strongly believe that the need in high performance product
will be met by precast facade panels made from UHPC concrete. While UHPC Precast panels transform concrete into the most challenging forms to be required by architects thanks to its high physical properties and fiber mixture in different properties, it becomes the material mostly preferred in facade cover thanks to its maximum phy- sical properties. It is cement-based composite material with high resistance which has advanced mechanical properties, outstanding physical characteristics, perfect ductility and very low permeability. When compared to the ordinary cement-based materials,
the most significant aspect of the development in UHPC is the homogeneity of particles in the structure, reduction of porosity and accordingly, the development of micro-structure. Main approaches in UHPC concrete design might be listed as extraction of large aggregate out of the system, reduction of water to binder ratio, decrease in CaO/SiO2 ratio by using silica compounds, optimization of chemical structure of Portland cement in order to produce high resistant hydrates and fiber use in different characteristics in order to prevent the brittleness.
DEKKAP Panel offers these UHPC Precast panels which have outstanding properties under DEKKAP brand for you.

Best regards
Ali Haydar GĆ¼ler
General Director